Developer Survey Reveals Work/Life Balance A Priority

Avellio Dev Survey.png

When you look at any typical company career page for development job descriptions, hiring managers commonly highlight tech stack, mission statement, and employee perks to encourage developers to apply. This is not what hiring managers should be focusing on when competing for talent. 

Moreover, the number one thing that developers want most above all is a strong work-life balance. Developers ranked work-life balance as the most desired trait, slightly more than professional growth and learning, which came in second. More specifically, the British crave work-life balance more than developers in other regions such as wider Europe.

Work-life balance is most important to developers 25 years and older, yet ranked less important to developers between 18 and 24.

British developers care most about compensation, while Europeans cite company culture as the number one aspect they care about in a job. 

Developers want work-life balance but they also have a strong desire for learning. In fact, the number of new tools to learn can sometimes feel overwhelming for developers. But the best approach for learning is a strong curiosity and genuine interest in technologies that develop in your domain. Focussing on doing what you enjoy (not trying to master everything) can help towards a better work-life balance.

Alex White