Navigating the analytics talent universe with a ‘values based’ approach…

We understand that working in close partnership with our clients takes a great deal more than purely accepting a job specification and delivering CV’s. 

Our working methodology and ‘values based’ approach to engaging with clients involves getting to know the divisional heads and business leaders to get a feel for the prevailing culture and balance of personality types. This effectively enables us to search and appoint talent that befits your way of doing things, covering the function, whilst seeking to identify a candidate that can lend something extra to your business.

We are first and foremost active and engaged in the field of analytics; as a collective of individuals with specialist skills in search & selection we have a thorough understanding of clients operational structures along with the business requirements around the need for critical hires. When benchmarking Avellio against similar analytics search & selection consultancies for diversity amongst their candidate pool, we are proud to attest that as diversity is our guiding maxim our record is one of the highest in our space.

We pride ourselves on our applied learning and development across the analytics sector which enables us to work effectively in-step with our clients. Our consultants are experts in both the UK and European Analytics space. We have worked hard to develop a rich network of diverse experts and leaders.

Demonstrating our competencies: 

Understanding our candidates and their career aspirations

At Avellio we are not in the business of commoditising CV’s and treating them as a form of ‘currency’, we dig deep in to soft skills to identify the cultural values held by the professionals and leaders that we are working with as candidates, matching them head-on with the business values and principles of our clients. Regardless of whether we are working on an interim or a permanent assignment, we take the care to truly understand the motivations of our candidates through our own proprietary method of measuring and evaluating candidates by way of structured assessments. As part of our service commitment to engaging with clients we honour to provide you with fewer candidate CV’s and a higher quality shortlist than you have been conditioned to expect from our industry competitors – our business is pure ‘search & selection’.

‘Business Partnership’ 

In broad brush terms the recruitment sector can be a minefield for clients and candidates. At Avellio our consultants have a genuine shared connection and enthusiasm for the expertise and methodologies actively applied by our candidates and clients and we strive to remain current in our thinking in order that we are both perceived and valued for being ‘relevant’ in our understanding and competency and therefore fit to work on your behalf. Whilst it is true that we help businesses to grow by injecting business critical talent we would not consider ourselves business partners as such. At a base level we are more interested in developing our personal relationships with our clients as individuals, along with our candidates to the point of being considered as trusted personal advisors and peers. It is this level of commitment to the ‘individual’ that we believe sets us apart.

We meet with all of our clients face-to-face, we to sit down to interpret and refine the brief, taking in to account the functional requirements of the vacancy remit, workplace culture & the topical aspect of diversity, with the aim of seeking to establish the aims and plans of the clients business unit and to quantify the ‘value-add’ of a new hire.

We are equally as discerning as our clients

We exercise care over which assignments to accept. By remaining true to our core markets and functional areas we remain confident in our ability to provide a consistently high service level. Time is probably the greatest scarcity in life, we promise not to waste yours, if we doubt our ability to fulfill a brief we will be upfront with you.

Reputation in business is everything

Reputations are generally built upon trust that is earned. It is important to feel at ease and to have confidence with the people that you are working with. Our consultant profiles are robust. Collectively we have over 60 years combined industry experience of recruiting in to the analytics sector. We employ a diverse team of bright researchers whose sole responsibility is to map the real estate sector to identify the stellar talent that our consultants appoint on.

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