‘Diversity delivers a new wave of thinking & innovation’

it’s our core ethos


LGBT + Minority Inclusion

Our position 

At Avellio we place diversity and inclusion front and centre as the bedrock of our culture, it informs our decisions and influences our clients. These policies include steps to addressing discrimination, differential treatment and harassment, as well as ways to encourage a healthy work environment.

 Managing for Diversity

We ensure that diversity is managed and nurtured as a positive component of workplace culture, it needs to be managed and nurtured. We have established our workplace and recruiting culture as an equal opportunity employer.


Companies that hire a diverse workforce can gain strength from the variety of talent and different perspectives employees bring to their jobs. Diversity can also improve an organisation’s level of adaptability, strengthen its ability to provide service to diverse audiences, and ultimately inspire employees to think beyond their own realities and push their boundaries.

Companies that create an inclusive, supportive environment, will also strengthen their reputation and their employer brand, draw better candidates for open positions and retain top talent longer. People who feel secure in their workplace, supported by policies that engender acceptance and positivity will be more loyal, more focused on their jobs and less distracted and stressed. This, in turn, means that the organisation will function better across the board, with greater efficiency and, ultimately, better profits.

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Our 4 Commitments


"Our consultants are encouraged to foster an inclusive talent search methodology – a process where they can support and encourage candidates to be themselves and focus their energies on achieving their full potential, both professionally and personally.


Avellio has a firm watch on minority rights in the workplace, we are accountable to each other, safeguarding rights on Gender Equality, Parenting, LGBT and Disability. Our professionals connect with one another and provide mentoring, knowledge sharing and personal development opportunities.


We seek to identify and partner with clients that share our values and approach to protecting the rights of minorities in the workplace. 


We understand guidelines are necessary to ensure supplier diversity. We support business that have established visible diversity protocols. As a result we know that our diversity standards have a truly shared positive economic impact in the locations where we do business.

Have we overlooked something?

Let us know if you have any comments or recommendations. We take matters of Diversity and Inclusion very seriously and welcome any ideas for improving our recruiting methods. Contact us: Steven.thomas@avellio.com.