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We operate exclusively in the built environment space to support companies, investors, technical and creative practices in securing, retaining and developing their best people.

Our service levels range from recruitment to C-level search. Our consultants have a defined skills focus with direct industry experience, they have sat your side of the table and understand both the opportunities and challenges from both a career and business perspective. 

The Avellio resourcing network works to attract senior talent with specialist skills:

    •    Project & Development Management - Construction

    •    Finance - Investment, Analysis, Accountancy

    •    Property Law - Inhouse, Silver Circle

    •    Technical & Design Management

    •    Leadership & C-Level - CFO, CEO

Global Sector Opportunities

We maintain our focus on the UK and Middle East real estate sector. We apply our knowledge and work our contacts to solve the resourcing challenges that our clients and candidates face today.

Our relationship to the ‘Built Environment’

We have a deep understanding of the constituents of the property and construction space. Our focus is on developing the quality of our skills network in order to supply business critical skills, on-time & on-demand, guaranteeing the success of our clients commercial projects.

With this polarisation we are accomplished at attracting top talent, delivering value to our clients, and creating solid engagement experiences between our client and candidates.

Our unique approach combined with our worldwide candidate network gives us an unparalleled ability to deliver to your exact requirements. We have carried out hundreds of successful search assignments and are trusted time and again to deliver for our clients, so much so that we have a 90% repeat business rate.


A client success story


This was a relationship that started from a common passion for cultural change management and developed into adding practical and consultative value. 

Carillion were of particular interest to us; being a company which has made some key strides in widening their commercial footprint in to new territories, embracing diversity in the workplace, along with new and innovative engineering solutions for customers to choose from; they are at ahead of the curve and are leading the way within their sector, which aligned with our values and aspirations at Avellio. 

We were engaged to deliver in to a senior and pivotal situation to secure a Commercial Director and successfully delivered on the requirement within a highly competitive environment with multiple agencies engaged.

Having been given the opportunity to demonstrate our sourcing capabilities, we have since continued to source a variety of roles for them, consult on team structure progression, provide salary guideline information and add value through our built environment forums and larger events.

Removing the pain

Aside from the cost of your time and the distraction from revenue generating activity the cost implications of an experienced hire with the wrong skillset, or someone who is just plain 'at odds with your culture' can be extremely high.

Driving Profit .png

Recruiting the wrong person can cost your business up to 3x the basic annual salary of the employee, creating unrest in both Technical and Operations teams, and thats aside from the resulting additional drag effect on business-as-usual, followed by the time and cost of re-hiring. 

Prevention is always the best cure, our clients choose us as their talent partner in recognition for the quality of our consultation and level of our understanding of the Built Environment and the component roles.

Our scaleable recruitment model enables us to add talent to your teams on-demand. We pre-screen property professionals against your set criteria. We also coach and mentor candidates on your business and your unique culture.

Our M.O. and reason for being is to remove the stress for our clients out of the talent attraction process, providing them with the peace of mind that they can focus on running their business instead of having to worry about the recruitment process. 

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We would like to invite you to consult with us on the unique requirements of your business in the demand for talent.  

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