Infrastructure Coverage


The UK Government must get its act together on skills to prevent a skills gap and labour dearth for key UK infrastructure projects in the pipeline. 

It is an incumbent on the government to formulate a plan of action for directing and supporting colleges and training providers to offer qualifications and skills that the construction sector desperately needs to support key projects, such as the new Heathrow expansion, and HS2. 


There needs to be readily available and visible access to careers advice to provide apprentices with pathways for gaining entry in to the industry, as without this initiative we are going to face severe labour shortages, aggravated by the conditions affecting the free movement of labour stemming from an anticipated ‘Hard Brexit’, which could see the expulsion of up to 250,000 experienced construction workers. 

What is needed is an urgent industrial strategy, one that plans ahead for major investment and identified skills shortages, in combination with an initiative to give parity to technical qualifications, in effect allowing skilled construction workers to transfer from one major project to the next, ensuring that UK infrastructure projects get the skills and manpower coverage that they need from domestic labour.

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Steven Thomas