Ai Weiwei Fence

The celebrated artist Ai Weiwei wants to erect a “security fence” in Washington Square Park.



Mr Ai Weiwei is renowned for facing-off with the Chinese government and making political statements. Lately this controversial artist is making a noise in New York City, with plans to install 280 works of art provide balanced arguments around immigration.

The artist recently established a Kickstarter profile in concert with the Public Art Fund to provide donor funding for the project that has been named “Good Fences Make Good Neighbours,”.

The vision is to create large scale installations in the form of security fences and borders “addressing human rights issues” located in over 300+ sites, including Central Park, Washington Square Park and the Unisphere monument.

“The issue with the migration crisis has been a longtime focus of my practice,” Weiwei said. “And the fence has always been a tool in the vocabulary of political landscaping.”

On Kickstarter so far over $32,000 has been raised, with a target of $80,000. 

Source: Ai Weiwei/Kickstarter

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