Costain Wellbeing


Main contractor Costain is to be lauded for its commitment to extending its Assistance Programme for Employees to provide additional cover for their supply chain, enabling sub-contractors to benefit. 

Costain is looking at ways of rolling out and extending the scope of its Employee Assistance Programme to provide additional support for any worker that is experiencing emotional, health or work related issues. 

The company presently provides access to confidential advice to employees through an online portal, where health and risk assessments are conducted, providing advice, guidance and information covering a variety of issues. Furthermore, a telephone advice line is available to workers, with the extended option of additional face-to-face in-house counselling clinics.

This should be commended as a welcome measure to provide a more structured form of support to their extensive workforce on the many issues and challenges that employees face that can lead to moments of worry, stress and ill health. In the interests of employee welfare this effort will help to not only support their own workforce, but also external supply chain workers that are engaged to support them with projects. 

Costain has long been an industry leader on employee welfare matters and this effort further solidifies their commitment to protecting the wellbeing of all workers engaged by the business.

We hope this will soon become an industry standard for all organisations across the built environment industry.

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